The New Era

of AI & Real Estate

Isum 360 is a Real Estate And Marketing Super Tool.

A mix of AI, Marketing Automation & Real Estate Experience (Over 20 Years).

Made by us & for us. We have built a platform that we wanted to use – and most importantly – that produces outstanding results.

To allow Brokers & Agents to be able to acquire high quality Seller & Buyer Leads & automate the process.




With over 20 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry, We believe that the sole job of the Real Estate Agent, by implementing automation & technology – should be:

• Oversee leads pipelines.

• Check calendar for scheduled appointments.

• Go to appointments for showings.

• Close deals. 


We believe that performance is the core on our daily tasks. Not how much you can get done, but how much you can get done with as little effort as possible.


At Isum, we have designed a product that you can access any time, any where. From an app on the go, to your laptop at home. 24/7 available for you.





Integrate your daily tools to optimize your results. Automate repetitive tasks to focus on building relationships & closing deals. 

Having all of your platforms integrated in one place is essential. Higher focus, better results.

You just need the right platform.


Our Latest Integrations include:

Our unique platform makes it easy for any business owner or both the Real Estate Brokerage and its Agents to advertise online by seamlessly creating ads that are:


Facebook,Instagram,Youtube Lead Ad Creator to deliver best & proven to convert Ads. Converting templates & step-by-step follow-through process.


Targeted to the right hyperlocal geographic area


Personalized with the agent’s photo and contact information


Displayed to prospects where they are spending time online


Reaching consumers who are likely to DO BUSINESS WITH YOU or purchase or sale a home


Measurable to track reach.


Ads appear on Facebook, Instagram popular mobile apps, and premium websites that consumers and potential home buyers and sellers visit daily.


By implementing ISUM 360 advertising Tool, any Business or Real Estate Brokerage or Agents will be better equipped to attract, develop, and support its sales force or your real estate professionals with a service that has been proven to boost productivity by 85%

The Best Platform just became affordable

ISUM 360 This # 1 Lead Generation Platform will power your business with a unique next generation technology to outperform any other marketing tool


Will Run Your Business 24/7 on Autopilot


Automated Lead Gen Engine


IDX Website


Smart CRM


Mobile App with auto phone dialer


Complete update of all your leads and tasks


Direct text and phone actions


Contact lead directly from your iPhone App


Notes on your App will populate instantly to your CRM.


Did we say

Lead Acquisition & Conversion On AUTOPILOT ?

World-Class Productivity


 Integrate the tools you use everyday to accelerate response times

Your CRM software can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any device. Even when your representatives are on the go, they can record leads, track changes, and let you know about the status of deals from their laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. Wherever you are, cloud-based, mobile CRM applications let you access the most up-to-date information anytime, anywhere.

Accelerate Your Success with the Power of Isum360

Increase $$$ Productivity $$$ on your Sales Team

 Take a Giant Step with this tool designed to deliver high value throughout its powerful Automation that beats the competition.

Social Media Lead Generation at your Finger Tips

Eliminate Loss Of Valuable Leads

.More than 50% of valuable leads lost is one of the biggest problems for U.S Real Estate Market. Agents are leaving most of their profits on the table by not properly re-targeting or following up with their leads within the proper timelines or in the proper format. Isum 360 solves this problem. Our technology, does it for you.

It is automated, so you don’t have to do it yourself


 Our core goal is that you, the Broker or Agent, Becomes a more effective & Sophisticated individual through upgrading your Lead Conversion with Automated Tech.

Eliminate Time Wasters

In truth, plenty of the tasks involved in the process of finding a buyer & selling a home are quite tedious, stressful & border-line unnecessary. Specially when technology could replace you instead for most of the required tasks. 

Who We Are

Isum 360 is a digital-technology company. That focuses on solving inefficiencies in the Real Estate Industry. More specifically, on the process of getting & closing a high quality Lead on Time & Effectively and Helping Agents Increase Productivity.

Our Artificial Intelligent (AI) & Automation

A Powerful Approach to

Lead Conversion

The process of lead generation became a standard protocol. However, the process of actually turning the highest quality leads possible into paying customers in an automated manner has certainly not been an option available in the market, thus far.

At Isum360, we believe in Effectiveness. Not only that Realtors should get things done right in order to sell a home. The traditional path.

Considering, absolutely every aspect of our society is evolving, changing, becoming entirely disrupted & completely re-invented & innovated.

Agents now have a new opportunity of getting the right things  done. Letting Technology take care of the rest.

The way a home is bought & sold has now forever changed. We genuinely believe that Realtors, nor brokers should have to go through many of unnecessary tasks in order to get a closing, when technology can fully take care of all of those tasks..

Therefore, through elaborating and implementing high technology systems, we have compiled a platform that allows you to FULLY have leads turn into customers in Autopilot.

As well as to drastically facilitate the process of the basic day to day tasks in order to achieve such.

At Isum360, we don’t only generate leads, we automate lead conversion. The process of an agent or a broker having a lead and closing a sale. Everything in between, we take care of.

All with a few clicks and a lot of free time for yourself. 


Isum360 team helps Brokers and Agents Selling Real Estate  to have a new more effective and powerful  tool to take your  Real Estate Business to the next level

 Our technology offers an experience that allows your day-to-day way of handling Leads to become a FULLY AUTOMATED process.

 It’s like having your own personal Assistant 24/7

Find Out EXACTLY How Brokers & Agents Are Crushing the COMPETITION by taking advantage of Isum360


Lead Acquisition & Conversion in AUTOPILOT


Saving you time, effort & money


Put your Business in Autopilot


Less work, less effort. More results

Access to this fully automated system is Easy and Affordable

Isum360 Managed Accounts

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