Set Up Your Profile

Instructions on How to Set Up Your Isum360 Profile Information.

Jason Steward

Last Update 4 months ago

Add your profile photo, contact info, logo and more!

Be sure to pause this video and complete each item as needed in the previous tab, and then continue watching this video as needed!

1. Login to your CRM

2.  Go to My Accounts and Manage Business

*Add Business Name, Business Logo and  Click Save Business Button

3. Go to My Account / Manage Office Locations

3a. Click on Add New

3b. Fill out All the fields except Google Map Embed code and Click Save Location

4. Go to Profile

5. Upload Photo

6. Add your Tagline

7. Ad About Me Bio

8. Click Edit Profile

9. Add your personal information

10. Add your phone number , make sure to add “+1” to front of number with no dashed between number for example +13053451234

usually Primary Number and Mobile Number are the same!

11. Add Title, Accreditation and  Personal Website

12. Changes Isum360 Login Password if needed , Warning make sure to save info before applying this option

13. Social Media – Connect your social media accounts

14. Select Service Level and User Type

15. Click Save User – to save information

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